Mandala Tattoos

Mandala Tattoo Artists

Who loves the mandala? We certainly do. As it’s one of the hardest tattoos to recreate to a high quality, we hire the most talented artists and experts in the field to ensure that each line is flawless, each angle exact and each dot perfectly placed.

Whether you are looking at a large mandala that integrates with other tattoos or body contours, mandala hand or sleeve designs, we can create and help design exactly what you are looking for. There is no doubt that Bloodline Tattoo Phuket is the best tattoo studio for mandala tattoos.

The word mandala is a Sanskrit word that means circle – the circle of life, death and the afterlife. The circle of a story you want to tell or just a pattern so perfect you’ll slip into a trance as soon as you look at it. Whether it is balance, perfection and eternity you want to portray, or just enjoy the patterns, we can help you find the right mandala for you and your story. Each artist is hand-picked for the job, meaning whatever piece of art you want inked onto your skin, we ensure you only have an expert holding that gun.

Bloodline Tattoo Phuket is a fully licensed tattoo parlour in Phuket, and we use well-known imported inks that are considered safe the world over. The studio itself is 100% hygienic and innovative, and our equipment is top of the range. There is no doubt in our mind that we are the best tattoo studio in Phuket and quite possibly the best tattoo studio in Thailand.

Mandalas are beautiful when expertly positioned and expertly inked. Luckily for you, our studio has the best artists in town, and some of the best in Thailand for this very job. Scroll down and take a look at the photos below to discover more about Bloodline Tattoo and see for yourself why we know that we are the best tattoo studio in all of Thailand.

At Bloodline Tattoo Phuket, you are also able to choose between tattoo gun or traditional bamboo options, opening up vast opportunities that are hard to come by in other establishments. Whether you prefer the conformity of the gun or the traditionalism of the bamboo, we ensure that each mandala will be perfect, every single time.

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