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Irezumi Japanese Tattooo Artists

Japanese tattoos are distinctive, intricate and carry a lot of meaning. Known as Irezumi, which means ‘inserting ink’ in Japanese, these tattoos are today enjoyed and adorned by people from all over the world. Traditionally, Japanese tattoos are applied by hand using wooden handles and metal needles. At Bloodline Tattoo, we offer you the option between a traditional tattoo gun or the Thai variation of the Japanese equipment – the bamboo tattoo stick.

Irezumi tattoos, or Japanese tattoos, are known for their bright, bold colours that juxtaposed against strikingly dark grayscale backgrounds. They usually symbolise something or tell a story, many inspired by the ancient tales and mythology of the region, depicted in artwork and literature for generations.

Our artists, who are the best tattoo artists in Phuket, are experts at the art of applying ink in the Japanese way. From koi fist to cherry blossoms and Japanese folk heroes, their abilities are almost endless. Bring in a picture or get inspired in the studio and find the Japanese tattoo that tells a story that resonates with you.

Although very detailed and often covering the whole body, or large parts of the body at least, these tattoos must be performed by a specialist. At Bloodline Tattoo, our professional artists are also able to recreate exactly what you want. Sit back and enjoy the amenities of the studio before finally, once a design is decided upon, sit on the bed and let our experts get to work. Each artist is hand-picked for the job, meaning whatever piece of art you want inked onto your skin, we ensure you only have an expert holding that gun.

Bloodline Tattoo Phuket is a fully licensed tattoo parlour in Phuket, and we use well-known imported inks that are considered safe the world over. The studio itself is 100% hygienic and innovative, and our equipment is top of the range. There is no doubt in our mind that we are the best tattoo studio in Phuket and quite possibly the best tattoo studio in Thailand.

We know how beautiful Japanese tattoos must be, and just by looking at the work we create, we know you’ll see we’ve got what it takes. Scroll down and take a look at the photos below to discover more about Bloodline Tattoo Phuket and see for yourself why we know that we are the best tattoo studio in all of Thailand.

At Bloodline Tattoo, you are also able to choose between tattoo gun or traditional bamboo options, opening up vast opportunities that are hard to come by in other establishments. Get a Japanese tattoo in one sitting (if you can handle it!) or spread it over a few days too – just remember that whatever you want, we’ll provide. It is you in the driver’s seat; after all, it’s just how it should be. Our Australian-standard tattoo parlour is professional, clean and the best place to come for that dream bit of ink.

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